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3 ways to stay on the ground

3 ways to stay on the ground

There are various ways one can help oneself, and the best way to help yourself is to keep your feet well glued onto the ground as nothing we have is “our right”, the world doesn’t owe us anything since it was here before us and all we do is somewhat going to be someone else’s when we are no more. So how do we stay on the ground when we have “everything” so we it doesn’t make us big-headed?

Below are just three tips out of thousands of ways you can keep your feet on the ground:-

  1. Donate money to the needy
    We often spend lots of cash on useless things and junk, not realizing how much of a help that little cash can be if we use it wisely and share it with those that are unfortunate enough not to have anything in their pockets. Imagine not being able to eat for the whole day, and then imagine no means of cash coming in. How would you feel? But to turn things around, there are always options to donate, which I find the most soothing way to relax your soul and thank the All-Mighty for the bounties he has blessed us with. Try donating to a cause, I love, try that and see how your outlook changes in life. But remember, don’t do it to boast, but rather to show yourself that it could have been you.
  2. Remember where you came from
    This one is very important. A lot of people who tend to forget this don’t realize where they are headed. Since a person who doesn’t know where they came from, how in the world would they know their goal or where they are headed? With this I mean, “remember your parents”. Yes, that’s where you came from, you didn’t come out of an egg or drop off a tree. You were born, by a mother who carried you and a father who most probably took care of your needs, if not both. A person who doesn’t realize this important thing and relation definitely can not in my view be a “true” human. Do things for your parents, love them and care for them. It’s sad that one – two parents can take care of 4-5 children but sadly, 4-5 children can’t take care of one parent. To show your gratitude to the laws of nature, remember your “beginning”.
  3. Look at those below you
    There is absolutely nothing worse that can make you “fly” high in the air with pride than looking at others to be “lower” than you. Think of those below you only when you are to be thankful for what you have. And if you are to think of others for a moment or two, then always assume the best. It will save you lots of frustration-packed moments and give you moments of peace, something we all need.


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