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Jealousy – The needle in the bed of life

Jealousy – The needle in the bed of life

How comforting is the feeling of having a bed that’s cushiony and silky and for a moment imagine the amazing sleep on such a bed.

Now imagine for a second that somewhere on that cushiony bed is a tiny needle. What will it do? Does it matter that the rest of the bed is comfortable? No, of course not. The tiny needle, whenever your body comes across it, will cause you pain and annoy you.

Well, that’s what jealous people are like. They are that needle on your comfortable bed of life.

They are not big in numbers, but they are always present, be sure about that. They are always ready to make you feel bad about your achievements, your aspirations and your dreams. They’ll wish they had what you had, and that could be in the terms of the respect, fame, money, character, or skills you possess.

How to know if someone is jealous of you?

– Instead of being happy or saying kind words, they put you down

– They might say nice things to your face, but their actions say otherwise

– Despite you minding your own business, they create situations or scenes that otherwise wouldn’t have taken place if you hadn’t achieved what you did.

– They in their own personal or professional life are not successful at all

How to deal with jealous people?

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The best way to deal with jealous people is by not dealing with them at all. It’s simple as that.

1. Stop sharing things and ideas with them unless they are either as or more successful/experienced than you.

2. Stop spending time with them just because you have known them for over ten years or so, because spending time with people who don’t lift you up aren’t worth your time. And they are definitely not a “friend”.

3. Be respectful and kind despite their behavior, because how they react is their character, how you respond is yours.

Stay strong, and always be happy for the success of others, because one of the worst traits of an ugly personality is being jealous.

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