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Success is usually just around the corner when you are about to give up

There are times when we are about to throw in the towel and just sit wondering if what we are doing is even worth it and if we will ever achieve our goal. Well, that’s exactly when we just have to throw a punch towards negativity and knock it down while trying to do anything we can to reach that goal which we have worked so hard for. I often see people giving up right before their winning...

When you have only one day left..

The thought is absolutely horrible isn’t it. Imagining what goes through the mind of people who are told about such a thing when they are ill, or let alone not even knowing about it and enjoying the day as if one is never going to go beneath the earth, and after a few hours all concerns, worries, promises, thoughts, ideas, dreams are gone. All relatives gather and either remember you for...

Accept it or change it

Life brings lots of beautiful surprises in our lives. Some people tend to enjoy whatever is thrown at them, while others just can’t accept certain things and feel that their life is no good. There are only two things you can do when you are in a situation you feel uncomfortable being in. Accept it Change it If you can’t change the situation or circumstance in your life then accept it...

Success and failure

I have always been the advocate of positive outlook towards life. No matter sometimes I have come across situations that might have broken me into pieces if I hadn’t had the faith in me. Maybe it’s the thoughts that have been injected in me via mum since childhood. I feel that success and failure go hand in hand. Where there is success there is a chance that one will also fail. And...

Life, one post at a time!

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