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Is death the easy way out?

Is death the easy way out?

The fact that all of us are going to die one day is something that we just can not turn our mind away from. Now that  this blog is being written by me, one day it will be read by someone while I won’t be breathing at all. How true is the fact that everything has an end. Whatever has a beginning definitely has a termination date tagged to it.

Life throws at us lots of things that we sometime dodge away from or sometimes we might even be strong enough to stand face to face with all things that it puts in our way. But what about those people who can not fight the things the battles that they are put in by God?

What do we suggest those people? Shall we let them suffer or help them along the way? I feel very strongly that when you see someone who is unable to go anywhere without anyone’s help that you take out time and help them. In anyway possible.. if not money then give them your time, show them you care, show them their life is the most precious gift they will ever have.

Sadly so many people commit suicide, not just by the bodily death but mentally and emotionally they kill themselves every single moment of the day. Why do they do that? What do they gain out of it? Is it better to just kill yourself and get  away from all the worries of life you think?

Ofcourse not! The best way to deal with the trials and tests of life is to stand firm and face anything that comes your way. After all God doesn’t and will NEVER put you in a situation you can’t get out of. Be thankful for the life you are blessed  with and you will notice how lovely your life becomes.

Death shall NEVER be a wish on your list. If you know someone who has these kind of thoughts, give them a million reasons to hang along and enjoy the wonderful place called Earth!

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