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Your customers can see right through you

I have been into sales since over two decades now. And what I find the most easiest task when I am facing a buyer on the other side is to make them feel at ease when they are making a purchase. My main aim is to give the buyer as many reasons to buy from…

Not all customers are created equal

After being in the sales “business” for almost over 20+ years now, I have come across thousands and thousands of customers, if not millions via the companies I have worked for in the UK and Scandinavia. The thing is that, some customers are bound to click right away with you, some take time, while others…

Be consistent to survive in business

I come across different types of people in business. Some of them keep going till they make it, and some go for a short span of time in the beginning and then they surround themselves in a very comfortable environment, which locks them down and hides them from the world. Don’t let that happen to…

3 rules that will make your business succeed

Let’s be honest. Whenever we start a business, we are not actually looking forward to failing. But obviously most of the choices we make, slowly and gradually make us crash right into the wall. Below are 3 of the rules I follow and have found them to be very reasonable. 1- Keep your costs low…

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