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Self-pity is not for you

Self-pity is not for you

There are often times in our life when we sit and start thinking of all the things that happen to us, especially when we wish to put ourself in a “crying mode”. Yes, some people do that often. They feel that if the whole world is after them, and the only thing they want is to see them sad and miserable.

So what is self-pity?

I don’t see self-pity as anything other than suicide of your inner self and the biggest enemy of a positive individual, or someone who wishes to live a thankful life. Being in that self-pity mode for too long, makes you totally oblivious to the blessings you have in your life and makes people close to you, go further away. In other words, you might think that having self-pity is just a phase you are affected by, but in reality every single person who sees you in such a state gets this negative mindset rubbed on them. If you are lucky, they will give you their time and get you out of that mode, and if they are like most people in this world, they will slowly try to avoid you and leave you to it. Which is obviously not what you need at that point.

How to get out of this mode?

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The best tip is to start looking at the things you have which others don’t. One thing could be health, and other could be money. If you have neither in the quantity or value you wish you had, then look around the world and check out some news articles where people are losing their life due to wars. Imagine how lucky you are to not be in that situation, imagine how you are safe and sound in your home, you can walk, talk, hear, smell, taste, touch, see and most of all, you are breathing.

We human beings are unthankful on many occasions, and sadly don’t see the valuable things we are blessed with that money can’t buy. The moment you start seeing them, you will realize that pitying yourself won’t do you any good.

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