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10 ways to catch a liar

10 ways to catch a liar

There are various ways one can tell if someone is lying, either by the way they say things or by the way they use their body language. All in all there might be some who are “born” liars 😛 or maybe those that have mastered the art. But no matter what, as they say “A lie has no feet”

Below are the 10 ways you can tell someone is lying to you:-

  1. They won’t look you straight in the eye
  2. When they smile AFTER they say I love you rather than when they are saying it
  3. They will become very defensive if they are lying. An innocent person will be offensive
  4. When you change the subject they will be relaxed, an innocent person would want a topic cleared out
  5. Their Sentences will be muddled and you won’t get half of what they are saying
  6. They will use humor or sarcasm to avoid the topic most of the time
  7. Their smile will be limited to the mouth. A proper smile lights up the whole face including the eyes
  8. They will be touching their nose, neck, face or behind the ear while talking
  9. They will feel very uncomfortable talking to you and will turn away
  10. They will keep on talking because they are NOT comfortable with pauses or silence for the fear of being caught
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