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What does a handshake say about you as a person?

What does a handshake say about you as a person?

Now that’s a big title for a post now isn’t it?

Well I had to write the whole thing to make you realize the importance of the whole thing and the connection it has with you as an individual.

You know when you are meeting someone for the first time, you always shake hands or say a hello (of course before Corona times shaking hands was so normal). So when you stretch your hand to shake someone’s hand you either get a stronghold from the other side or a hand that feels more like someone has placed a dead fish in your hand and is allowing you to see if it still has a pulse.

How does that make you feel? Do you feel the enthusiasm from the other end? Do you not feel that the other person has absolutely close to no interest in meeting you when they shake your hand that way? Well, they could say “That’s just how I am”, but then that’s not something you are going to ask them anyway, and you will just go by the way they interacted with you. Simple as that.

So if that’s the impression you got of them, then think about how many such impressions have you left in the minds of other people you have met with such a loose and lousy handshake?

Keep your handshake firm, not too strong that you break their hand and not so soft that they can break yours. Stand in a natural posture, instead of bending as if you are picking someone up.  Look at them with a smile, and don’t talk right onto their face as you do realize that tiny “bubbles” of spit do spread across when you are talking. Always have a mint or something similar for a fresher breath if in case you are going to hug them if they are a relative or a good friend. You don’t want to be leaving any bad experiences.

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So next time you shake someone’s hand, keep the thing in mind, that your handshake will tell the other person a lot about you.


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