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5 mistakes people make on stage

5 mistakes people make on stage

I have often noticed people going on stage and doing the same thing all over again not realizing that sometimes just tiny things to their way of presenting themselves can give an amazing outcome.  I am in the process of learning a lot although I have been a radio presenter for over 10 years now. So remember, you will NEVER be perfect unless you leave lots of room in your mind to grow. Ok on to the tiny mistakes.

  1. Not knowing your subject
    This is NOT acceptable 🙂 You wouldn’t want to hear about how planes fly from a person who hasn’t read anything about planes, would you?
  2. Lack of passion
    This is the “battery” that without any speech would be totally dead
  3. Slow as a snail
    Remember to note down your speech in keywords, do not write the whole 20 pages. Audience will sleep 🙂
  4. Know your audience
    This is my favorite, always try to strike a conversation to the audience on the day of your speech. This will make it easier for you and often clears the air a bit.
  5. Failing to breath
    Well if you don’t breath, you surely will die but your speech will be long dead before that. So be careful and remember to breath properly.

Any more tips you got? Do share 🙂

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