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The fear of public speaking

The fear of public speaking

There are lots of various reasons why people would be afraid of standing up in public and talking. I for one am one of those that was very shy when I was young. Not that I am totally shameless now but I feel that it’s all about practice. I remember my younger days when I was in the American School in Norway in fifth grade and the speech teacher made me talk about some wierd old made up fruit, I remember the butterflies in my stomach and that feeling I can still feel when I close my eyes.

So what makes a speaker, Good?

The difference between a good and a bad speaker is that the good speaker always has done his “homework”, and knows his content. If a speaker is unaware of his subject then surely he will be confused and will NOT manage himself or herself on stage. So I would say if you are to speak about a certain topic, don’t think about where you are giving the speech, just KNOW your subject.

Just think, do you think all those that are listening to you would have the guts to be where you are standing? 🙂 Speaking is an art, learn the basics and enjoy while you are at it, no one I have heard of has ever passed away on stage because of stage fright.

Do share your views and experiences 🙂

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