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Why are you scared to speak in public?

Why are you scared to speak in public?

Is it because you think you will make a mistake or is it because you think no one else makes them?

Either way, both of the thoughts are wrong to carry with you. These thoughts will stop you at the spot and not allow you to move forward!

So what to do if you are scared to speak in public?

Breathe properly, master your subject, and be yourself.

I have spoken and recited poems in front of thousands of people for the past decades but I recall being all shaky the first few times (sometimes I still am a few seconds). But when I realize and understand that I know my stuff, and the others appreciate what I am doing, I stop being nervous. Yes, you read it right, I take control and stop being nervous. I turn that switch off within my mind that makes me nervous.

Can people who are outspoken also be nervous in public?

Ofcourse, I know so many people who talk from day to night, but I can bet you a thousand bucks that their voice will shake when they are called upon to talk about something on the spot in front of just ten people. Its normal, just accept it and go on with your thing.

What if you make a mistake?

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No one can claim to be perfect, so don’t even think about this one. Making mistakes is the most human thing you can do. Learn from them and don’t stop just because of the fear.

Others will laugh if I mess up

Actually, majority of the people wouldn’t manage to stand where you are because they themselves are scared 🙂

Be yourself, be real and give your best 🙂

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