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6 tips on public speaking

6 tips on public speaking

Well to be honest after almost 20+ years of radio presenting, and being on stage in front of a few hundred thousand people being filmed by the national tv, there are probably still moments I get nervous when speaking in public. The reason is obvious. Because I too am a human being 😀 But hey there are ways to make the nervousness less if not eliminate it totally.

Here are few of my tips:-

  1. Talk to some of the people in the crowd before you go on stage. This helps a lot. If it’s a talk you have to give before a group of people then this “mini introduction” round will make you feel comfy as if you know the people listening to you. It would be like talking to friends.
  2. Always remember to breath properly. The moment you lose the rhythm you will enter a phase that might get you to be shaky and stutter.
  3. Some people like to hold something in their hand when talking, a microphone, a book, piece of paper etc. That does help since it kind of builds a barrier between you and the people, just don’t hide your face behind the paper. Look up at the people more than looking at the paper. Just write tiny keywords, and don’t underestimate yourself. Just from keywords you can remember lots of things about the topic.
  4. Dress yourself properly in something you feel comfortable in. Don’t ever go on stage in something which makes you feel uncomfortable otherwise. For example, a trouser that otherwise is too tight and makes you move your legs like a flamingo on and off is probably better in the wardrobe for that day.
  5. Smile, smile, smile, smile and smile. Don’t over do it but be real about it. Would you feel comfortable seeing someone on stage who was very serious and stiff?Bring in the confidence in your voice so others feel mesmerized by you.
  6. Go beyond your expectations. Don’t think too much about the whole stage thing, stage fright … keep yourself busy with other things. When your name is called on stage or when your time comes, mimic your favorite speaker, and “be” them for a bit . It helps. Have fun and remember, the toughest thing in the world is speaking in public, you and I will always have our moments of being nervous, that’s called being human, so enjoy it and don’t forget that the audience would be more scared if you called them on stage, so you are in a way lot stronger than them for doing what you are doing.

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