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Seeking happiness in sad moments

Seeking happiness in sad moments

Whenever we are going through a tough and sad patch in life we tend to forget to smile. Why is that? We all do know that when we are sad we are using more energy than what we would be using if we were smiling right? So why is it so tough?

Oh yes maybe because the devil’s job is done when he tells us that now life is over, we are finished and nothing can be done. But that’s just the time to pick the bat up and bash the devil’s head “the invisible devil ofcourse, don’t go beating someone in real”

The moment you do something which is the opposite of doing what your heart is telling you to do which you KNOW is wrong, that’s when you win over your sad feelings and moments.

Ask yourself the following whenever you are sad:-

  • Is it a matter of life and death?
    NO, then chill and smile, there is hope
  • Is there no way out of the situation?
    NO? Impossible.. there is no such situation which you can’t find a way out of
  • Are you the ONLY one going through such a phase?
    Yes? Come on.. that’s impossible, it can’t be 🙂 Others might be in a worst state but smiling

There is a trick to getting out of a miserable state. You have a mirror in your room or house right? well next time you are miserable and very sad, look in it and ask yourself, would YOU love to be around yourself right now 🙂

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If the answer is NO, then wash your face, wash those tears and make yourself lovable because that’s the REAL you! That’s how we ALL were made.. the hate and sadness is the product of our own silly expectations..


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