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3 qualities to look for in a person you can trust

3 qualities to look for in a person you can trust

We are all living in this world with different types of people with different types of personalities. Where you will find people you can empty your heart to, there are also people you might not want to reveal anything personal about, because the outcome might be totally the opposite of what you expect. If not now, maybe or definitely in the future.

That’s why it’s very important that you do not start getting worried if people see you as a person who “hides personal issues”, if it’s personal and something that’s connected to your personal life, it should be between you and your creator.

How many times have you come across situations where what you had said to someone, has come back to haunt you. Often times right? If it hasn’t, it usually does one time or the other. You just have to accept it and expect it from anyone and everyone.

But what are the qualities of a person you can trust?

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  1. They speak the truth
    You will find that a person you can trust, is someone who always speaks the truth no matter what the situation or platform. If they have twisted their words to get away with something, that’s a warning sign.
  2. They don’t backbite
    A person you can trust, doesn’t backbite. If they are saying something to warn you about someone, that’s a different thing. But remember, either way, if someone talks behind someone’s back, you need to really consider taking your secrets elsewhere.
  3. They are compassionate
    You will notice that someone you can trust, listens to you wholeheartedly and will give you genuine advice they themselves would also follow. Someone you can trust will put themselves in your shoes, and come up with a solution that will benefit you in the best possible way. I would never trust someone that comes up with a solution that makes you look bad, ruins your relationship with others or gets you in trouble.

How much should I share?
Well it’s very important to have genuine friends, and more important is to have ONE genuine friend who gives you good advice when it’s due. If you find someone like that, hold on to them. But still, don’t open up on the first few meetings. A lot of people make the mistake of talking bad about their family members, just after the first interaction with someone at work or the gym. Don’t do that. Be nice, but don’t go over the board in giving too much information. You never know what kind of person you are talking to unless you have known them a while.

To stay safe, share as little as possible, to save yourself from any regrets.

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