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Teaching children bad words?

Teaching children bad words?

A publishing house in Norway,Cappelen Damm, is giving out a book that contains every cuss word possible. And the writers conclude that it will be a very beneficial thing to promote the linguistic quality of the language.

But does it?
I don’t get the above point at all. Why the need to publish something as silly as this, not only silly but something that creates a society without respect and dignity. What can you expect from a child if all you teach is cuss and bad words of all sorts?

The tongue plays a major role in creating harmony and a beautiful society, it can also be the reason for fights and later on wars due to the mismanagement of this very tool. If we can’t give our children gold and silver atleast we can give them something they can manage to survive with, a beautiful character and a tongue that does no one harm.

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Would go on and on about this, but rest my case as such a book is definitely not worth it. To improve the language of a child, the children books on the shelves at the moment are more than enough.

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