Who creates women haters?


A friend brought my attention to something which in my views is a kind of disorder which has become a kind of a lifestyle for certain men. A Misogynist, a women hater, carries a lot of weight on their own life in one way or the other. If you ask me I believe that they live with a constant fear since this condition is born in the very beginning stages of their younger days. In other words they are “groomed” to be women haters..

How to raise a woman hater?

A lot of different psychologists have a certain few cases they relate to when talking about how a person becomes a woman hater. I read a few case studies and most prominently the reasons most of them were pointing to were the years the boy spent in his house being “protected” by a father who is either very strong in character or very abusive. When I say strong in character I am in no way promoting that being abusive is having a strong character actually its what makes them “weak” in my view. A person that hits a woman is first of all someone that deserves a few slaps himself.

If we go back in time, a woman hater’s childhood has been abnormal, and if we are to go deeper in that whole scenario we will see that a woman hater isn’t born that way obviously. A kid who is brought into this beautiful world to be experiencing their mother being beaten up by a father who can’t take no for an answer or hasn’t gotten the right qualities in him that make him get along with the mother.

A father in that kind of a household usually has a background where they themselves have been treated “bad”. When I mean bad, I mean they might have had a father who beat them up on every occasion possible, and also used to probably say things like “I am the father in the house and I am the one who decides what happens here” these kind of things make the kid think and make him start believing what will later on make his own relationship suffer.

A guy from such household in reality is fearful or scared from the woman he is with. The thought of him being close to them is ok but the thought that if he gives in to the woman she will have the power to hurt him makes him totally turn the table around and show the side of him that he has “learnt” since childhood. And that is the feeling of being powerful, being strong, being what he feels the woman can’t do. And of course we know that women can do anything guys can do and in most occasions even better than men.

Growing up with the kind of relation he might have seen between his father and mother, he started believing that it’s the guy who runs the house, and the whole world around the people attached to him is HIS. The emotions and attachment won’t mean a thing in front of the buzz he would get from being the breadwinner and at the same point that will make him “believe” that he can do anything he wants to the woman he is with.

Women haters are emotionally very strong but sadly that’s their biggest weakness since they don’t use that emotion at all. They might have grown up feeling sorry for their mother but when they are at a stage they can do what their dad didn’t by being nice and so on, they continue the cycle and keep it going until his own son grabs that “habit” of hating girls or women.

In the beginning it could start off like, “women can’t drive” or “women can’t do what men can” or the classic “You are a woman you don’t have a say”

The family of a woman hater

Can you imagine that the family of a woman hater would be a heaven for the woman? Absolutely not. It’s first of all a sad thing that people like that don’t get counseling but then again who would bring them there because that too is to them a sign of weakness.

The family of a woman hater goes through hell every single day, hearing remarks that the woman isn’t good enough despite her being very talented in things that the guy can’t even dream about. The biggest sign you will see in a woman hater is that they will not appreciate or say “oh you are so good” when others might go nuts over the woman’s skills and talent.

Another thing one can see in woman hater’s is that they might have involvement with lots of women and might come across as very intelligent and friendly with the female crowd but that is not something they do with their charm, it’s something that makes them feel “special” and since it could be easy for them to hear a few laughs when they are making fun of their female colleagues amongst their male friends. A women hater despite all the attention they get deep inside lives with the fear of yet again losing the closeness they share with the person they share their life with.

Why do they do that? Well there is something deep inside them, the need to be with their partner but the “ego” and the way they have been programmed kicks in anytime they feel they are going “weak”

I sense a very high number of males these days without knowing are becoming women haters. What is causing all this as some of them have had an amazing childhood. So do some guys you think believe it’s cool to hate women? Or do they feel they can be life of the party when they joke about some lady doing this or that.

To the women haters

Well so this one goes out to those guys who are living in a dream world.. next time you say anything bad about a woman, sit down for one single minute, count to ten and then ask yourself.

“What am I doing? Where am I headed? Am i saying this to make others laugh? Does this kind of attitude towards women make me sound very cool? Am I not destroying the very personality of my children by being this way?”

And last but not least to those guys who say women are weak and base their fights and baseless accusations around that.. my friend tell me if you can carry a baby for even 1 day let alone give birth to one..

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