8 Misconceptions about Chocolate


Just like most of you, I love chocolate :P But yah I am trying to cut short on that because it isn’t helping me with the gym routine I am trying to master. Below are some things that I came across that might help you in understanding the little devil we blame whenever something on our body is out of place .. the fat in other words :) Statement: Chocolate is largely an “empty-calorie” food...

O in ZERO or O in Opportunity


The human mind is very powerful, yet very weak at times.  Where on one side the human race has reached the moon, some people aren’t capable of even crossing the road due to their laziness. So what is it that makes us look at the letter O and see it as the first letter in Opportunity rather than seeing it as the last letter in the word ZERO? I would say, it’s the kind of push you give...

2 Tips for a better day


Some people blame their whole day going bad on the weather, some blame it on people around them who might have affected their mood in some way. Either way, neither of those should or can make or break our day. But there are some very simple things we can keep in mind. Tip 1 Start your day with a smile on your face, you won’t imagine how great you would feel. The moment you open your eyes...

Tips on carrying a conversation


Being in the world of radio for over a decade now and having interviewed celebrities and regular people I feel there is still lots to learn, as each conversation is different. Why is a good conversation important? Since our day to day behavior revolves around communication, it’s very important that we use our words wisely. If we are talking just for the sake of talking, without any result...

How to be your own best friend?


Is it normal when someone says “I am my own best friend?” The thing is that some people say that to love someone else you need to be capable of loving yourself first. That doesn’t mean loving yourself on the levels of “self-praising” and not seeing anyone else on the same level as you, not at all. What that means is, respecting yourself as a human being and loving...

5 tips on dealing with rude people


Rude people are everywhere, no matter what we do or say they will always be here in this world, side by side. But how can we keep our cool and not get so affected by them? Below are some things I do to deal with such people. You yell at me, I change my tone If a person yells at me for any reason whatsoever, I have kind of managed a way to not return the “call”. I respond back in a...

My mother.. my angel


Dear Mum, It’s been exactly 1 year since you went back to your creator because of cancer. I  remember still like it was yesterday when the doctor said that you don’t have more days left and when I came and told you about it I started with saying “You do believe Allah na ammi, that whatever happens it happens for a reason and of course no one can decide when the time is up apart...

5 mistakes people make on stage


I have often noticed people going on stage and doing the same thing all over again not realizing that sometimes just tiny things to their way of presenting themselves can give an amazing outcome.  I am in the process of learning a lot although I have been a radio presenter for over 10 years now. So remember, you will NEVER be perfect unless you leave lots of room in your mind to grow. Ok on to...

The fear of public speaking


There are lots of various reasons why people would be afraid of standing up in public and talking. I for one am one of those that was very shy when I was young. Not that I am totally shameless now but I feel that it’s all about practice. I remember my younger days when I was in the American School in Norway in fifth grade and the speech teacher made me talk about some wierd old made up...

5 Steps to staying positive


Staying positive is a skill that can be developed and below are five steps to staying positive (ofcourse there can be more) Take a deep breath when a situation tries to detrack you Ignore any negative message sent your way, just grab the constructive part of it Talk to a friend who has a positive mindset Accept that making mistakes is a natural thing that everyone does Don't HATE people, you...

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