I have been following what’s happening in my lovely Pakistan since the past few years. The way things are done, the way people are treated and the way justice is practiced. There is not a single reason for any sane person to say they do not want a Pakistan that has proper justice system and where everyone is treated equally.

The political setup, the VIP culture, the mentality that if one has money they can do anything are things that really need to be reprogrammed. I see supporters of Nawaz Sharif, Tahir ul Qadri, and Imran Khan going at each other and sometimes using language that is not suitable for the ummati of Prophet Muhammad pbuh.

I wish my brothers and sisters, thought before they said anything about someone. Let’s not forget, there was one who brought justice, love, peace and prosperity to a region 1400 years ago without using any foul language, and that was our Prophet Muhammad pbuh.

Let’s stick to his rules to bring the change we are all after.

Here is a question, if you wish to answer it please do so. In English or Roman Urdu

What in your view will make Pakistan an ideal place?