4 steps to a successful mindset

We all realize that the human brain is a powerful organ. When used to its full potential, it can do wonders, but when even an atom’s weight of negative thought comes in it, everything starts going wrong. That’s exactly what the reason is behind us being successful or unsuccessful. Obviously the fact that our surroundings, environment and opportunities also play a role, we just can’t blame them if things aren’t working out in our favor at least once among the many times we have tried.

1. If you fail, try again  – Often when we are trying to achieve something, we just try once or a few times and if we don’t see any results, we just stop. The most important thing here is to do slight changes in your approach when you see that you are getting the same result over and over again. If you keep doing the same thing, your results will be the same, as a famous proverb says.

2. Never blame others – We all have 24 hours at our disposal, so where one individual might use his hours in a productive way and create a multi-million business, someone else with the same number of hours would probably be playing games or sleeping most of the time. It’s obvious that in order to achieve something, one has to get up and make a plan.

3. Plan to succeed – This is important. If your whole idea of succeeding in something starts off with a doubt that just won’t go away, rethink your strategy and start again. You just can not succeed if you are planning to fail.

4. Praise every step you take – This can be a lot of things, for some it’s having a few million dollars in their account, while for others it’s the fact that they are moving forward. The feeling is phenomenal when you stop for a moment, look behind you and find all the footsteps you have taken to be where you are today. Remember that every step you day after the first one, is an achievement.

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3 tips to resolving a conflict

Conflict solverWe often come across situations at home or at workplace where conflicts are bound to happen. The majority of the people around us will definitely not do anything about the situation, but a wise and intelligent person which I am sure you are, will hopefully try to resolve a situation between two people. Afterall, what better way to be remembered among people than a problem solver.

Ok now onto the simple 3 tips rule that will make things a lot easier to solve and create a tension-free space no matter if it’s home or at work.

  1. Be empathetic
    When listening to both sides, be very empathetic and listen carefully. Do not be judgemental and keep in mind that there is absolutely nothing worse than trying to be a problem solver, and not being to put yourself in their shoes.
  2. Be fair
    The best quality you can have when trying to resolve a conflict is to be fair. Don’t take sides and make sure that whatever you say and do you don’t come out as someone who is leaning more on one side than the other. If both parties are offering their own solution to the conflict, try to combine them both and offer a solution of your own.
  3. Advice privately
    There are times when you need to say something to either one of the parties in the conflict. Make sure that it’s not something that will make things worse. For example, if you feel one of the two is being a bit over-emotional, do NOT say it in just like that, use your words wisely and advice in private. Because by not doing so, you are probably going to add upto the tension making things worse in the future for the two.

Hope the three simple steps help you realize what to keep in mind when you are trying to save the world :)

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Being jealous for the right reasons

jealousyThe human nature has within itself something that bogs us down and makes us totally unaware of why we are not moving forward. That very nature is also something that makes us into a very negative person and makes us totally oblivious to the things we are blessed with. That very nature as the subject hints is, jealousy.

There has never come out anything good in being jealous of someone else. Wanting to have the same amount of cash in your account as the millionaire you saw on tv, or having a big house like your neighbour are things that will make you lose focus on how you can achieve these things yourself.

I realized one thing seeing different people talking about someone rich, that they tend to overlook the morals and the character of that person and just focus on their money. This is indeed a very serious matter, because we are fully aware that not all rich people have the best set of morals or values that we should look upto. Yes, there are lots of generous billionaires but then again just wasting time looking at how high someone else has reached in the ladder of success, we often forget that our own foot is still on the first step.

Next time you see someone who is more successful than you, be happy for them, and be thankful for what you have. Because no matter how your life has turned out to be, most of the things are an outcome of our own actions and efforts. Start focusing on your own strengths, and start interacting with positive people who are successful, and when I say successful I am not referring to them as rich in terms of money, but those who are rich when it comes to manners and a good character. Because those are the things not everyone can manage to earn, but when you have those qualities, you will never go bankrupt.

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How valuable are you?

The sense of selfworth is something that comes into the mind of a person who knows the true value of being blessed with a good health. There is absolutely nothing more valuable that can make you realize your value  than seeing people around you who haven’t gotten the things you are blessed with.

If we value ourselves by the number of 000’s after that digit in our bank account, then we are really underestimating ourself. If we are placing a value on our “head” due to our amazing car or branded clothes, then that would be quite unfair. Because lots of people in this world who have nothing, have everything we wish we had.

Having money and not having peace makes money worthless. Having a kingsize bed and not having a good sleep, makes the kingsize bed worthless compared to someone who probably has the best stressfree sleep in his little mudhut somewhere they don’t even have electricity or water anywhere near.


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