What makes Paris so special?

parisA few days ago I realized as to how little people around the world know about Islam. And the little they know is something they got from the journalists around the world, who themselves have absolutely no education or morals that teach them to present the facts and truth when it comes to something as sensitive as religion. In the fury of being the first one to break a news, they don’t realize what affect their news will make within the hearts of people that don’t ever leave their sofa and the only source of information they have is the TV set or the online news site they have marked as their favorite.

As the news unfolds about the so-called Muslims who terrorized Paris, it appeared to be that one was a drug user, two owned a bar, and the other one was a petty thief, and never prayed in the mosque. For me, that’s not very Islamic. No one in their right mind would even dare call them anything else than un-islamic, non-practicing lunatics. And here we see on and on again, the so called experts, mentioning them as Muslims who had an agenda. What agenda I may ask? The agenda to promote the bar culture? Or the agenda to make Muslims leave the mosque?

The only thing that comes out of such issues is high ratings for TV and more clicks for online newspapers. The more views they get the more ads they get, and obviously more money in their pockets. Good journalism is very rare these days, almost non-existent. Journalists will label anyone  who says “Allahu Akbar” as a terrorist. Allahu Akbar means “Allah is Great”, something I say a few hundred times a day in the combined 5 prayers, without even one twitch, let alone a blast!  I sometimes feel sorry for those reading the news articles or watching the news, since they are being sheeped around and made into fools by the media who is only after money. Do they even care for a single second if their story results in some Muslim being beaten for no reason, or some lady in hijab denied entry into a shop that sells things to cover the head, as in hats.

So why is Paris so special?

Paris is a city like any other, and in my view it’s seen as special because it’s said that on the opposite side, there were Muslims. Muslims who according to the media wanted to show their hatred towards a culture they don’t like (ofcourse we won’t mention the two guys who owned a bar – irony alert). And of course it was also special because it was a victim of an attack where the terrorists had their bomb-proof passports (just like the terrorists in the 11 sep attacks, where one of the passports didn’t get burnt by the jet fuel)

Paris is not the only place that got attacked, did you miss the attack in Beirut, or shall we not mention that since it was a Muslim country? What about the following attacks that were purely based on religion and hatred, shall we leave them aside since they don’t fit the bill or shall we take a quick look?

  • Why aren’t all Christians killed all over the world after the Anders Breivik (Norway) killed almost a hundred innocent children in Oslo!
  • Why aren’t all Buddhists butchered on the roads all over the world after their massacre of Muslims the past few years?
  • Why aren’t all Jews bombed and killed for the ongoing apartheid and killing of Palestinians since 1960s?
  • Why aren’t all Hindus burnt alive after the Modi government in Gujrat, India planned an attack and killed Muslims?

Let me tell you why we can’t do the above. Because they are not Muslims, and the only time collective punishment shall take place is when it’s “Muslims” on the other side, because its obvious that it’s only then when no one reacts. You can go in and out of Masjid Aqsa, shoot at those praying and no one will say a thing. You can push someone and try to kill them for wearing a hijab and no one will say a thing. You can beat up people just because they are Muslims and wish to pray, and on one will say a thing. You can bomb 4 little kids playing football in Gaza, and no one will say a thing. You can say that someone had a passport from a specific country and no one will ask if they are real and can be confirmed, since the passports found in Paris WERE fake, click if you care.

Islam is not just a religion, it’s a code of life. It tells a Muslim how he should live his life, how he should pray five times a day and stay clean, how he should respect the laws of a country he lives in, how he should respect his parents when they grow old, how he should bring up his children as kind individuals who respect other human beings, how he should do business while making sure he doesn’t rip someone else off, how he should get married and protect his family, how he should perform his due rights over his family members, how he should take care of your siblings, how he should make sure that his neighbor is safe and well fed, and how he shall be the perfect example of a kind gentleman (or a fine respectable lady) with good manners. That sounds like a beautiful code of life for me.

Next time you read or hear something about someone bombing or killing someone, do some research and see if he/she has the same qualities as my Prophet Muhammad pbuh. Here is the list you can tick off.

And at the end, especially those that made their Facebook profile into a French flag. This is what your support did. Try putting this girl in the place of your own daughter, is this a response this girl deserved for something she is not responsible for?

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Pop stars as role models

bieWe are living in a time where kids mimic almost everything they see around them. They like to do what their favorite celebrity does, either it’s the hair style or it’s the way they dress. Girls on the other hand like to fill their rooms with tons of posters of a guy they have no idea about as to how he is in real life. All they have seen and heard about them is what they have seen in magazines or tv channels. They try to associate that pop star or celebrity with absolutely everything amazing, and can’t imagine something bad about them. In lots of cases, their love and craziness goes to such extremes that they care more for the person on the screen or the magazine, than their own family members. Let’s admit it, this is how it has become.

A few years ago, I witnessed three little girls of age 10 to 12 who sat on a local train in Norway on the opposite side of where I was sitting. From the way they were talking, it was obvious they had no idea where they should be getting off to reach the Justin Bieber concert, they had no money, and no cell phone to get in touch with their parents. One of them said to the other that she should ask someone to lend them their phone so they could tell their parents where they were going after school. Then they got up and went to the other seats with a confused look on their face as they saw other girls dressed up for the concert. This was just so they could tag along. Imagine little girls without their parents, out alone just to see someone who has absolutely nothing positive to add into their lives.

What are their parents thinking? Is this what we have come to that we have absolutely no idea where our children are? Is work more important than the most precious individuals in your life?

In October 2015, Justin was back in Norway. He had the most luxurious flight, and obviously got all the perks included in the package. Being a celebrity who at the time of writing this has 69.2 million followers on Twitter, Justin knows how crazy his fans are and how much they adore his “image”. I wouldn’t say they love him, because they don’t know the real him. To know the real him, they need to BE with him, live with him, travel with him etc. None of his fans know him to that extent.

When that’s said, Justin came to Norway. Got on stage, sang something and then reached the stage edge and freaked out after he saw some water. Someone from his crew handed him a towel, and to everyone’s surprise he started cleaning it up. All of a sudden the big massive push from the crowd shoved a few girls from the first row even closer to the edge where this guy was standing.

That was the boiling point, he couldn’t take it and said I am not doing the show anymore and left the stage.

I read this in the news, saw the clips and came to a conclusion which most of you already have reached. These pop stars are as bad for our children as any drug can ever be. Drugs destroy the health and personality of a person, so do such role models. Drugs kill people, and sadly, lots of fans go to extremes that also drags them to the end of their life. In the case of Justin & the likes of Miley Cyrus, one can’t have them as role models if we want our children to have the right values to survive in this world.

When such pop stars make it their mission to portray money as the most precious thing in life, they are teaching our kids just that. When these pop stars take their relationships as a joke, they are teaching our kids just that. When these pop stars sue their parents for money and then call them bad names, they are teaching our kids that this is how you treat the people who brought you to this world. When these pop stars blow their fuse on little things, they are injecting the bad values into our kids as to how you should make an issue out of little things, and never forgive others.

We as parents, need to wake up, and put our foot down. We need to decide as to what type of values we want our children to grow up with, and I am sure none of you want your daughter or son to be like those teenage pop stars who have absolutely no respect for themselves, or others.

Justin said on Twitter, that money can buy respect, well kid, money can buy a lot of things, but respect isn’t one of them!





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Is Israel promoting antisemitism?

benWe all know that there is absolutely nothing more horrible than to have someone make fun of a tragedy. We also know that when someone uses a tragedy to terrorize a group of people and makes their lives hell, it just isn’t right or in anyway something people should just accept.

I am referring to the Holocaust. In which lots of people lost their lives, and let’s be clear, it wasn’t something that was targeting only the Jews, as some people claim. The number of people that lost their lives is something that keeps on changing. No matter how many people died or were killed in the Holocaust, we need to realize that a certain group of people can not use that as an excuse to do something similar in Palestine.

Palestine is a land that belonged to the Arabs of that region. They welcomed the pathetic decision of the then so-called super power, United Kingdom, and allowed the Jews in their homes. Little did they know, that along with them they would be welcoming the filth called Zionism, which one day would be the reason behind the horrendous crimes against Palestinians for decades to come.

I know there are Israelis living in Israel who have a thing for the Palestinian people and feel that what’s being done to them is not fair. They also realize that what Israel is doing is in no way humane and is only resulting in that people are hating Israel as a nation. I feel for those few people.

But the people I don’t feel a thing for are those that claim that Israel is a country that is doing all it can for peace. No, it isn’t. When you want peace, you don’t go around wiping off a whole nation and claiming you are a victim. When you want peace, you don’t act like animals and jump up and down on mountain tops as you see illegal war weapons being used on innocent people of Gaza. When you want peace you don’t shoot unarmed civilians. When you want peace you make sure you follow the rules and regulations that you once agreed to, instead of handing notices out to farmers and building illegal settlements on top of their homes.

I can’t understand people who use the Holocaust card to defend their evil actions in Israel. I can’t understand their mindset and logic as to what in the world does the Holocaust have anything to do with the Palestinians? If it’s tit for tat, shouldn’t the Israelis be bombing Germany to take revenge of the few that died in the Holocaust instead of killing the Palestinians? Or is it that since Benjamin cleared Hitler for his crimes, it’s perfectly ok to kill Palestinians?

No matter how one looks at this whole situation in that region. If Israel has the right to have weapons, Palestinians need to be armed as well. If Israel feels it’s ok to go in and out of Al-Aqsa moque and shoot the people praying whenever they feel like it, they are wrong, it never was and it never will be. And if Israel feels that they will gain sympathy for their crimes whenever they use the Holocaust card, let me assure you, they are only creating Holocaust deniers, and causing the so called antisemitism to spread like wildfire. And that’s something which I am sure is not on their agenda.

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