I have come across lots of posts and discussions where Israel is being portrayed as the evil apartheid state as they are. There is absolutely NO way that someone can come up with an excuse to kill so many civilians in the past few weeks in Gaza, and then blame it on Hamas.

  • How come the movements that started during Hitler’s time, and the groups then were freedom fighters, while those trying to defend their land in Palestine are terrorists?
  • I see it being a norm that we should all be sentimental for the Holocaust, but what about the Holocaust at the footsteps of the false state of Israel?
  • How come it’s perfectly fine for an Israeli soldier to cheer the death of an innocent child, as he’s filmed and then he asks to be photographed so the world can see his accomplishment, but when a Palestinian freedom fighter kills an Israeli soldier, he’s referred to a terrorist killing an innocent poor soldier who was just defending “his” country.

I for one have absolutely no belief in a two-nation theory. It never worked in any case, and it definitely will not work with an apartheid state like Israel. They since their illegal formation have always been trying to portray in the media their innocence and gain sympathies for the atrocities against them by Hitler. To be honest, I had a soft corner for those that did go through the hell, but that’s not the case or the feelings I have left for those that throw a Palestinian family out of their home and then squat it forever.

latuff_anti_semitismYou can’t just do that and get away with it. It’s 2014 and social media has taken such a huge U-turn that one just can’t say things and have the world believe them. Israel has pumped in billions of dollars asking Israeli kids to blog, tweet and facebook every single made-up story they can. Stories ranging from scared Israelis who claim their lives are made  hell by Hamas’s rockets, to the innocent owl that got hurt by the matchstick rocket from Hamas. It’s strange that according to their own newspaper, Hamas didn’t fire a rocket since 2012 until the first time after the killing of a Palestinian. I mean how LOW can you go in killing innocent people that you have to make up stories.

First Israel kills a few children, then they claim their own three terrorists were kidnapped, and now they say they knew it wasn’t the case. Then they kill some children on a beach, without a single sign of Hamas being there. And then during the whole of Ramadan, the holy month for Muslims, they made sure that each person who is fasting goes through hell. How sick can you be?

I am glad that lots of proper Jews and Israelis are also against the apartheid setup their government has set up. I hope and pray they are safe and unhurt in any actions that Israel is asking for. As for the Zionists who use anti-semetic laws to make others all mushy, your days are numbered!

A Zionist regime that has killed thousands of innocent children, caged millions of people to the edge, deprived them all of their rights, taking their homes, their farms and everything, if being against such a regime makes me a antisemitic, then be it.

Those of us who are active in boycott and signature campaigns plus have an online presence, will make use of every single platform to respond to every made-up story Israel comes up with.

Let’s get Israel and Benjamin to court! Sign and share