I couldn’t fail to see the interest most of our brothers and sisters show in cricket. Well first of all, yes it’s an amazing thing that that everytime Pakistan and India are playing, it’s like World War. I must admit that even I watch it with interest when these two are playing, but the thing is how much of our mindset remains intact when watching it, how are our tongues safe from uttering things that shouldn’t be said about the opposite team? Are we really watching ourselves?

Looking at the way some people behave when their team player hits the ball outside the court sometimes makes me think if they even know that this is just a game.. it’s just a sport like any other sport, and India playing with Pakistan and otherway around is just something to be enjoyed, rather than having a heart attack over and being abusive.

If you look at the way the games developed in the past few decades, lots of things go wrong. People lose their money when they bet all their life savings on a game, people are even dying of heart attacks because they couldn’t suffer the loss. 

Maybe what we need to do is to teach our children that we need to see it as a game. Be excited, but not so much that you lose the connection between your tongue and mind. Remember that the players who are on the field are people like you and I, they make mistakes, and sometimes they play very well. 

So in other words, please just remember it’s just a game. And congrats Pakistan, well played!